snowyturner: Barque on The Barbican
Gail Durbin: Dapper gentlemen
Gail Durbin: Henry Jenkins, photographer, of Wallingford and Tunbridge Wells and his family in 1893
Ian Gunstone: Armani, Manchester
loveinterestingcards: London East Wickham published by T.Jenkins Bexley Heath 1910's lon111
STENDEC2008: Victorian Carte De Visite
PaulHP: Sawbridgeworth War Memorial
dlanor smada: High Street, Whitchurch, Bucks.
gt_hawk63: The Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells
meagain625: Susie Durnett
meagain625: Good times -- Found
ed ed: found girl...1904
Kate Gabrielle: Vintage Photo
Lil [Kristen Elsby]: Woman by a lake, found
annabelletexter: Tintype 15
annabelletexter: Found Photo 1
imarcc: Vintage Photo
Gail Durbin: At horticultural college
Gail Durbin: Learning to be a photographer 1915
anyjazz65: family interior enhanced
anyjazz65: Child on a Pony