mfetz1026: Hope Valley dawn.
mfetz1026: Near Carson Pass, CA.
mfetz1026: Above Monitor Pass
mfetz1026: From Laviathan Mine Road.
mfetz1026: Happy Bench Monday
mfetz1026: Otter relaxing on a Kelp raft.
mfetz1026: Brown Pelican, Monterey Bay.
mfetz1026: Obligatory shot of Bixby Bridge.
mfetz1026: Rocks and Pacific.
mfetz1026: Lone Cypress, Pebble Beach, CA.
mfetz1026: Nice cove, Pacific Grove, CA.
mfetz1026: Fog coming in, Monterey Bay, CA.
mfetz1026: Sea Lions feeding with humpback whale.
mfetz1026: Sea Lions lounging in the sun.
mfetz1026: Pelicans looking for place to land on a very crowded jetty.
mfetz1026: Humpback Whale tail.
mfetz1026: Sun setting over Monterey Bay.
mfetz1026: Santa Lucia Range dips into the Pacific.
mfetz1026: Lunch at Nepenthe.
mfetz1026: Just got to our room.
mfetz1026: IMG_5495
mfetz1026: Wolf Creek
mfetz1026: Creekside campsite. Wolf Creek, Carson Iceberg Wilderness.
mfetz1026: Wolf Creek.
mfetz1026: Wolf Creek fall morning.
mfetz1026: Lunch time on Wolf Creek.
mfetz1026: Small creek that feeds into Wolf Creek.
mfetz1026: Wolf Creek.
mfetz1026: Wolf Creek.
mfetz1026: Wolf Creek