maricontis: her mood in quarantine
maricontis: his mood in quarantine
maricontis: Redhead among greenleaves
maricontis: ghost
maricontis: ghost
maricontis: monochrome dreaming
maricontis: scarlet dreaming
maricontis: Street Sentinel
maricontis: Berries for you
maricontis: Little Red Riding Hood and Berries
maricontis: Bergamo Alta
maricontis: Sparkling smile
maricontis: Bergamo Alta
maricontis: Una gita a Monasterolo
maricontis: get in touch
maricontis: Kid in a mood
maricontis: Happy new year baby!
maricontis: New year portrait
maricontis: mirrored
maricontis: last sun
maricontis: end of autumn
maricontis: A couple
maricontis: meadows
maricontis: Another view of Abruzzo
maricontis: Crops in the dale
maricontis: The Road in the Valley
maricontis: End of the trip
maricontis: The Shire
maricontis: Luci e ombre