manueladaniel: A feeling of winter
manueladaniel: the short moment of realization
manueladaniel: Theo’s going to get crazy when playing in the snow, especially when catching snow balls
manueladaniel: out of the blur …
manueladaniel: masks for all porposes
manueladaniel: the pedestrian
manueladaniel: playing fighting
manueladaniel: afternoon traffic
manueladaniel: cold in the city
manueladaniel: Emily and Theo
manueladaniel: Original and fake
manueladaniel: Orange and blue
manueladaniel: „…please bring me my wine…“
manueladaniel: „ I really need to pee …“
manueladaniel: a fleeting moment
manueladaniel: The passing bus
manueladaniel: touched by a ray of sunshine
manueladaniel: Waiting for the latest bus
manueladaniel: Early morning at the train station
manueladaniel: Girls just wanna have fun
manueladaniel: In the midst of gravity
manueladaniel: New style for the new year
manueladaniel: „Come in and find out …“