Manfred_H.: Fisherman's bad luck!
Manfred_H.: Reflections on Lake Bever
Manfred_H.: Burning evening sky
Manfred_H.: Lake Bever at late afternoon with late October sun
Manfred_H.: Row, row, row your boat gently down (up!) the stream...
Manfred_H.: Coot (Blesshuhn / Fulica atra)
Manfred_H.: Leaves in yellow autumn dress
Manfred_H.: White Swan on Lake Bever in a nature reserve (Germany, Central Westphalia)
Manfred_H.: Little lemon tree with one green lemon only and a new blossom
Manfred_H.: Gladiola
Manfred_H.: A Cormorant in resting position
Manfred_H.: An example of re-breeding (backbreeding, re-domestication?) to the ancestor of productive (livestock) cattle
Manfred_H.: Grey Heron on top of a dead Cormorant tree
Manfred_H.: Three Cormorants on a dead tree
Manfred_H.: First test of the new Olympus converter TC MC-20, the distance of the object was about 50m (about 164 ft), cropped about 50%
Manfred_H.: The last wimpy Lavandula blossoms in September
Manfred_H.: The last roses for this year?
Manfred_H.: The geranium is pullulating permanently from spring to fall - Where do they get all that energy from?
Manfred_H.: Late Fuchsia
Manfred_H.: Wind energy production in a cornfield
Manfred_H.: A classic wooden sailing yacht on Lake Moehne (Germany)
Manfred_H.: Damaged forests, deforestation and reforestation
Manfred_H.: Spruce monoculture: the key malefactor of most storm losses and bark-beetle attacks within Arnsberg Forest
Manfred_H.: Sunday afternoon time off with water sports and fishing on barrier lake Moehne, Germany
Manfred_H.: A little ray of hope are the flowering plants on the ground which get a chance with a lot of light now.
Manfred_H.: Very bad impressions from Arnsberg Forest near Lake Moehne in southern Westphalia, Germany: Deforestation everywhere due to drought and bark-beetles.
Manfred_H.: A pink relict of World War II: a former air raid shelter ("Hochbunker") in the center of a Westphalian City (Hamm, Germany)
Manfred_H.: Organic agriculture: barley with long stalks, as they had been in the past - without any genetic engineering. Additionally there is a broad wildflower strip at the field border to support the insects.
Manfred_H.: "White Light"® (Hydrangea paniculata) with three flies
Manfred_H.: The first Agapanthus (Schmucklilie) have just blossomed out.