Manfred_H.: Filled rambler rose blossom
Manfred_H.: Our 'Home' Robin has finally reached the striking distance of the nest (at the top right corner) after some confusing manoeuvres in flight
Manfred_H.: Our 'Home' Robin is busy to acquire enough insects and checks the situation at a lookout before appoaching the nest.
Manfred_H.: Our 'Home' Robin is busy with feeding - as long as insects will be available
Manfred_H.: The stamina of the Clematis blossom flower out from the outside margin
Manfred_H.: Gingerbread Hybrid Iris
Manfred_H.: The first Clematis blossom 2020 in our garden
Manfred_H.: Bluebell, Hasenglöckchen (Hyacinthoides)
Manfred_H.: Some Apple tree blossoms do not try to open due to cold nights yet.
Manfred_H.: Savaged daffodils at the roadside on Borkum island (Germany, East Frisia)
Manfred_H.: Promenading on Borkum island (Germany, East Frisia)
Manfred_H.: Frozen to deadhead end of March 2020: The Magolia blooming period has been over before really started due to strong sudden night frost
Manfred_H.: Blackbird (female) taking a sunbath
Manfred_H.: Frontal view of a wild Greylag goose on Borkum island
Manfred_H.: Offshore Supply Ship with helicopter deck and folded crane
Manfred_H.: Borkum island main beach after the storm at low tide
Manfred_H.: Stormy day on Borkum island (North sea, Germany)
Manfred_H.: Lapwing on Borkum island (Germany)
Manfred_H.: Drowsy Greylag goose on the wetlands of Borkum island (Germany)
Manfred_H.: Browsing Barnacle geese on the wetlands of Borkum island (Germany)
Manfred_H.: Harbour wall sparrow of Neuharlingersiel
Manfred_H.: Tightened
Manfred_H.: Who is watching me?
Manfred_H.: A Grey Heron on the roof ridge, but under bad light, so presented in B&W due to less colours
Manfred_H.: It wasn't spring yet due to the calendar, but at 12°C the roses were already putting forth leaf buds within February!
Manfred_H.: Wadden sea of the Southern North Sea: the outer Harle waterway ...
Manfred_H.: Swamp
Manfred_H.: Hope there's something to feed in there! A fat worm perhaps?
Manfred_H.: Black-headed gull in flight
Manfred_H.: Light Art installation object with copper tubes and light 'synapses' in former brewery beer cellars (City of Unna, Western Germany)