magister111: Riflessi glaciali
magister111: Giallo ungherese
magister111: E la gondola va...
magister111: Three Gables
magister111: Delizia a Courmayeur (explored 08/01/2018)
magister111: W la befana!!
magister111: Which way??? Or: in the middle of Nowhere
magister111: Happy catty new year!!
magister111: Happy New Year 2018!!!!
magister111: Gasthof Goldener Adler
magister111: Ho-Ho-Ho...meowy Christmas!!!
magister111: A snowy merry Christmas to all my Flickr friends!
magister111: Merry Christmas!
magister111: A -12...
magister111: Divieto di sosta per renne
magister111: Santa's corner
magister111: Il silenzio innevato di Les Combes
magister111: Fairy winter
magister111: E fiocca, fiocca, fiocca...
magister111: Gasthof Post
magister111: Inverno a Lillaz
magister111: Intimità
magister111: Una corona dorata
magister111: Red in Rügen
magister111: Scommettiamo che...
magister111: Buona merenda!!!
magister111: Timbered Trier (explored 22/11/2017)
magister111: Autunno in Lussemburgo
magister111: Pear Tree Cottage
magister111: Drottningholm, Palazzo reale