Mads71: DSC_7900
Mads71: Running out of the blur, Hillerød, Denmark
Mads71: Staying alert, Hillerød, Denmark
Mads71: When colors around explode, Hillerød, Denmark
Mads71: Foggy morning parade, Bendstrup, Denmark
Mads71: Having a hard time burning through, Bendstrup, Denmark
Mads71: When the fog lifts, Bendstrup, Denmark
Mads71: Still shining for a few hours, Frederikssund, Denmark
Mads71: The misty morning parade, Bendstrup, Denmark
Mads71: All alone but at least the light is returning, Haderslev, Denmark
Mads71: Burning its way through, Haderslev, Denmark
Mads71: Walking the thin line between above and below, Frigiliana, Spain
Mads71: Mango fandango, Frigiliana, Spain
Mads71: Reading no handed, Frigiliana, Spain
Mads71: Big train and even bigger mountain, Caminito del rey, Spain
Mads71: The misconseption of camouflage, Frigiliana, Spain
Mads71: White houses crawling up the hill, Competa, Spain
Mads71: Tall bridge and no troubled water, Ronda, Spain
Mads71: Being in the middle is all about connecting two sides, Ronda, Spain
Mads71: Big landscape - small balcony, Ronda, Spain
Mads71: One wonders who lives i number 24, Frigiliana, Spain
Mads71: Staying clear of the fog, Torremolinos, Spain
Mads71: The road to the village in the valley, Acebuchal, Spain
Mads71: Down to basics, Frigiliana, Spain
Mads71: Down in the village below, Frigiliana, Spain
Mads71: Just your average stroll down the sidewalk, Caminito del Rey, Spain
Mads71: Waiting for the heat to pass, Frigiliana, Spain
Mads71: Left or right - that´s the question, Frigiliana, Spain
Mads71: Mountain high valley low, Frigiliana, Spain
Mads71: The small village under the big sky, Frigiliana, Spain