geka_photo: Uni-Kirche
geka_photo: Seezeichen - Sehzeichen
geka_photo: Wendeltreppe
geka_photo: da fällt der Sonnenuntergang ins Wasser
geka_photo: morgens um halb sieben in Kiel
Jambo53 (): Blonde Common Buzzard portrait! Short-billed Dowitcher
Phill Jenkins: This Sullen Welsh Heart
E_W_Photo: Priest's Cove Sunset - Cape Cornwall Cathedral Canyon, Lake Powell
Dave Arnold Photo: Hitting a wall
(Fieger Photography) Captions by Nica...: The season of change (soon to come again)
Branko Mikić: Homeless Glass Bird
Josef...: in between, colourfully
Beppe Rijs: Weather me softly - #explored 08.09.22
CecilieSonstebyPhotography: Am I missing something over there...?
Bellver Joanot: ✅ 19003 - Chouara Tannery (Explore Sept 8, 2022)
steinliland: Aurora explotion
Wildlife_2010: kingfisher
mcalma68: De Posbank I Netherlands
Gavin Hardcastle - Fototripper: 'Hive Minded' - Lake Louise
Andrzej Kocot: Gold of the fog
werner.malm63: Sonnenuntergang
werner.malm63: Groß und klein