lupinoduck: Good colours... :)
lupinoduck: The kids are damming the stream....
lupinoduck: Beautiful view at Worbarrow Bay #Dorset
lupinoduck: Knoll Beach again... Catching the last day of summer whilst it's still here :D #Studland #Dorset
lupinoduck: Hanging 10 at Knoll Beach #Studland #Dorset :D
lupinoduck: 20130729_135641.jpg
lupinoduck: Boy2 next to his "Poster Boy" shot at Sealife Weymouth :D
lupinoduck: 20130725_160151.jpg
lupinoduck: 20130725_134538.jpg
lupinoduck: Girl1 on wooden slide, closely following by Boy2 & Boy3 :D
lupinoduck: Helloo
lupinoduck: Cheese
lupinoduck: Peek a boo
lupinoduck: Boy2 traversing the logs
lupinoduck: Boy1
lupinoduck: Boy2 & red web at Moors Valley
lupinoduck: The boys have conquered the mountain
lupinoduck: Girl1 Mountaineer
lupinoduck: Metal slide
lupinoduck: Sleepy head
lupinoduck: Blowing out the birthday candles
lupinoduck: Hunting Foes
lupinoduck: Spy Party
lupinoduck: Ball & Chain
lupinoduck: Boy2 is a spy :)
lupinoduck: Boy2 :)
lupinoduck: Missing Tooth
lupinoduck: On the London Eye
lupinoduck: London Eye - look kids, Big Ben.....
lupinoduck: Sitting it out near the London Eye during London 2012