claudiov958: A stop on the road
claudiov958: After the Forest Fire (no. 2)
claudiov958: A pleasant afternoon
claudiov958: Chollas and Saguaros
claudiov958: Tall and Proud
claudiov958: Afternoon at Bartlett Lake
claudiov958: Home library picks
claudiov958: Revisiting old readings
claudiov958: Elemental Thoughts
claudiov958: Reaching up
claudiov958: Music and Inspiration
claudiov958: Facing Bartlett Lake
claudiov958: A walk to the giant
claudiov958: Rock & Cloud
claudiov958: Back at the lake
claudiov958: It was a matter of time
claudiov958: Fallen
claudiov958: Before Dawn
claudiov958: Desert vision
claudiov958: Greetings, human!
claudiov958: Afternoon at Bartlett Lake
claudiov958: Only the keys remain to all those forgotten family doors, cabinets, and boxes.
claudiov958: The Trident
claudiov958: Branches
claudiov958: A pause on the way
claudiov958: Dos Hermanos
claudiov958: Eyes Towards the Sky
claudiov958: Mid-morning walk
claudiov958: Dancing in the wind