claudiov958: Calumet C1 8x10 IN. camera with Carl Zeiss f=30cm f/4,5 lens
claudiov958: The Forest, 200 Million Years Later
claudiov958: There are other worlds and they are in this one
claudiov958: Vintage Sound
claudiov958: Remote Horizons
claudiov958: Out of Touch
claudiov958: Light and Matter
claudiov958: Elemental
claudiov958: Under the Rain
claudiov958: Elders of the Desert
claudiov958: Morning Walk
claudiov958: In Perspective
claudiov958: Walking back home
claudiov958: A quiet morning in the Sonoran Desert
claudiov958: Injured in the Storm
claudiov958: At Dawn - Al Amanecer
claudiov958: Ammonite, 400 Million Years Later
claudiov958: The Riddle of Time
claudiov958: Zorki4 and 4K
claudiov958: Saguaro in Bloom
claudiov958: A Second Life
claudiov958: Building the "Gigachron Clock " of my design
claudiov958: The scars of time
claudiov958: The End of a Long Life
claudiov958: Which way?
claudiov958: Cactus Bend
claudiov958: Arms Towards the Heavens
claudiov958: Waiting for the Rain (no.2)
claudiov958: Waiting for the Rain
claudiov958: Isolation - Aislamiento