claudiov958: The great elder of the desert
claudiov958: A legend in the spotlight
claudiov958: Casualty of the bush fire
claudiov958: Survivor of the bush fire
claudiov958: A solitary tree
claudiov958: A Long Walk
claudiov958: At noon
claudiov958: The Shadow of a Giant
claudiov958: Two Saguaros
claudiov958: Exploring in the afternoon
claudiov958: Tempus Fugit
claudiov958: At noon - Al mediodía
claudiov958: The chisel of time
claudiov958: Bent Tree
claudiov958: A long way to go before the Sun gets high
claudiov958: Where the path ends - Donde el sendero termina
claudiov958: The little house in the distance
claudiov958: Standing Tall
claudiov958: Sonoran Desert Dream
claudiov958: Playing at Dawn
claudiov958: Early morning walk
claudiov958: Bristlecone Pine
claudiov958: Gazing into the distance
claudiov958: The Thumb - El Pulgar
claudiov958: Far away roads
claudiov958: Remote Horizons
claudiov958: Mamiya Universal with 6x9 film back and 75mm f/5.6 Mamiya-Sekor lens
claudiov958: - Leaning Up -
claudiov958: - Good morning, Monument Valley - (no. 2)
claudiov958: Behind the Old Church