75CentralPhotography: The Last Bit of Sun for the Sunflowers
75CentralPhotography: Forest Drive
75CentralPhotography: Pumping Petroleum
75CentralPhotography: Speeding Past the Forest
75CentralPhotography: Bridging the Golden Gate
75CentralPhotography: In the Dry Desert
75CentralPhotography: How to Build a Sphere Out of Cubes
75CentralPhotography: Little Creature
75CentralPhotography: Over the Stadium
75CentralPhotography: The Sun Sets Beyond the Mountains
75CentralPhotography: Dead Drillers
75CentralPhotography: Little Pigeon Rocks
75CentralPhotography: In the Piney Forest
75CentralPhotography: Morning Columns
75CentralPhotography: Dead in the Water
75CentralPhotography: Atop the Hills
75CentralPhotography: Mountainous River
75CentralPhotography: Veering Into the Blue Sky