lkiraly72: Praying Mantis I.
lkiraly72: Praying Mantis II.
lkiraly72: Forget-me-not
lkiraly72: Small treasures
lkiraly72: Yellow beauty
lkiraly72: Autumn lights
lkiraly72: Twisted
lkiraly72: Happy colors
lkiraly72: Aquilegia vulgaris
lkiraly72: Meloe cicatricosus
lkiraly72: I dreamed of a world - I,
lkiraly72: I dreamed of a world - II.
lkiraly72: Linum austriacum
lkiraly72: Covered by dew
lkiraly72: Ant on volcano
lkiraly72: Ballett dancers
lkiraly72: I give you my treasures
lkiraly72: Orange-tip
lkiraly72: The beauty of a daisy
lkiraly72: Morning in the blossom house
lkiraly72: Catkins
lkiraly72: Two of us
lkiraly72: Ant on pulsatilla
lkiraly72: Blue dream
lkiraly72: Sunny morning
lkiraly72: Sunny Spring
lkiraly72: Pink & Blue
lkiraly72: Gracefulness
lkiraly72: Yin and yang - I.
lkiraly72: Yin and yang - II.