Livesurfcams: "You will never know the exquisite pain of the guy who goes home alone"
Livesurfcams: Storm Brewing
Livesurfcams: It's ok If you don't like the words I say ,Throw 'em away
Livesurfcams: With all the will in the world, Diving for dear life, When we could be diving for pearls
Livesurfcams: Kiplings Tors, National Trust look-out above Westward Ho!
Livesurfcams: The look-out National Trust Kipling Tors
Livesurfcams: Summer storm
Livesurfcams: Graduation Day Exeter University
Livesurfcams: Graduation Day
Livesurfcams: Portrait of Samuel Beckett by Jane Brown
Livesurfcams: Red Earth
Livesurfcams: Johnny and Mary
Livesurfcams: I know a girl from a lonely street Cold as ice cream but still as sweet Dry your eyes Sunday girl
Livesurfcams: A hunger uncurbed by nature's calling
Livesurfcams: Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
Livesurfcams: Old glass
Livesurfcams: Bring me salvation if I fear Take my freedom
Livesurfcams: Friday night Saturday Morning
Livesurfcams: Number me with rage, it's a shame (Such a shame)
Livesurfcams: Abandoned Devon
Livesurfcams: The tide is high
Livesurfcams: l love the sound of breaking glass Especially when I'm lonely l need the noises of destruction When there's nothing new Oh nothing new, sound of breaking glass
Livesurfcams: "Ah, might as well jump"
Livesurfcams: Rough Trade East London
Livesurfcams: "The photograph on the dashboard taken years ago"
Livesurfcams: Joy Division
Livesurfcams: The Hairy Bastard
Livesurfcams: Jack the Ripper
Livesurfcams: Street Art Brick Lane
Livesurfcams: Bobber