little_stephy0925: First Day with X100V
little_stephy0925: November Chill
little_stephy0925: Fall Foliage
little_stephy0925: Back Alley View
little_stephy0925: Fly Over Canada
little_stephy0925: Birthday Family Photo
little_stephy0925: Hazy Sea to Sky
little_stephy0925: Birkenhead Lake Provincial Park
little_stephy0925: Terra Nova Sunset
little_stephy0925: Jackpot Sunday
little_stephy0925: Bowen Lookout
little_stephy0925: Private Talk
little_stephy0925: The Golden Walk
little_stephy0925: Kensington Prairie Farm
little_stephy0925: Waxing Crescent
little_stephy0925: Beautiful Sunset
little_stephy0925: Porteau Cove Provincial Park
little_stephy0925: Midnight Comet
little_stephy0925: Comet Neowise with Startrails
little_stephy0925: Neowise Comet
little_stephy0925: Empty Streets
little_stephy0925: Bridge View
little_stephy0925: Vogue Theatre
little_stephy0925: Vancouver House
little_stephy0925: After Sleep...
little_stephy0925: Minnekhada Regional Park
little_stephy0925: Burning Sky