little_frank: Saltvik Church
little_frank: Yellow Square
little_frank: Stopped into the church
little_frank: Midsummer
little_frank: Words of praise will never perish
little_frank: where you're meant to be
little_frank: Nostalgia For The Present
little_frank: The beginning is always today
little_frank: In the war against reality
little_frank: All men’s souls are immortal
little_frank: secret is patience
little_frank: Injuring eternity
little_frank: As a dream
little_frank: I paint my dream
little_frank: when I dream
little_frank: great and precious things
little_frank: That's how the light gets in
little_frank: In your lifetime you will have many reasons to be happy.
little_frank: Time is a ship
little_frank: Not belief. Not surmise. But knowledge
little_frank: This music makes me long for a place that I have never known
little_frank: Mysteries
little_frank: Exploring Magerøya
little_frank: expanse
little_frank: Soulful
little_frank: Passage
little_frank: Leviathan
little_frank: You need only look into a mirror
little_frank: Long shadows
little_frank: Sant Jaume de Ransol