likedevonianrock: I hope it's your eyes he's seeing through
likedevonianrock: I'm taking a ride with my best friend
likedevonianrock: Come closer and see
likedevonianrock: See into the dark
likedevonianrock: I hear her voice
likedevonianrock: Into the trees
likedevonianrock: I'm running towards nothing
likedevonianrock: Something went wrong along the way
likedevonianrock: I'm frightened, too
likedevonianrock: Hi I'm still alive
likedevonianrock: I never agreed to be your holy one
likedevonianrock: Grey sky over a black town
likedevonianrock: I can feel depression all around
likedevonianrock: All the islands in the ocean
likedevonianrock: All the heavens in the motion
likedevonianrock: Now we take our natural road
likedevonianrock: you love like love's no loss
likedevonianrock: Mountains and valleys, can't you hear them sighing
likedevonianrock: Johnny Went for Rain
likedevonianrock: Forget all puzzles of the past