LightInThisWorld: (Not) My Precious
LightInThisWorld: hope and optimism
LightInThisWorld: letting in nothing but light
LightInThisWorld: twinkle, twinkle, little stars
LightInThisWorld: runway rain
LightInThisWorld: there is a whole bunch of stars in our galaxy!
LightInThisWorld: let's settle this in the parking lot!
LightInThisWorld: passage of time
LightInThisWorld: the magic of a new beginning
LightInThisWorld: but, baby, it's cold outside
LightInThisWorld: along the Pacific coast
LightInThisWorld: exteriors can be deceptive
LightInThisWorld: purple buddies
LightInThisWorld: eyes on a Lincoln
LightInThisWorld: Sunset on a beach in Bali
LightInThisWorld: we aren't different, you see
LightInThisWorld: Second-least populous state capital in the United States
LightInThisWorld: brass and mortar
LightInThisWorld: Sunrise on Death Valley
LightInThisWorld: a lake in the Sierras
LightInThisWorld: fashion at SubZERO
LightInThisWorld: framing Amy
LightInThisWorld: Who doesn't love Día De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebrations?!
LightInThisWorld: fine details
LightInThisWorld: holidays are coming!