brucesflickr: Barefoot ballerina on point
brucesflickr: Comical Piedmontese wisecracks
brucesflickr: ZTF-16
brucesflickr: What the heck gives with the abandoned instrument
brucesflickr: Volunteer gardeners
koen_jacobs: No entry
Melissa Ianhen Ianniello: Virna Scarnecchia
Melissa Ianhen Ianniello: Jadranka Bentini
Melissa Ianhen Ianniello: Giusi Marcante
francesca mazzantini: when pigeons start bathing, spring is coming
alessandra.oodrah: step by step
alessandra.oodrah: Petit déjeuner à Bayonne
alessandra.oodrah: Pont de pierre - Stone Bridge
alessandra.oodrah: Les enfants dans le brouillard
alessandra.oodrah: Brouillard sur le quai
alessandra.oodrah: Le ciel e le miroir
alessandra.oodrah: why do girls close their eyes while kissing?
alessandra.oodrah: Le chien et le miroir
francesca mazzantini: [hit parade] the queen is dead
francesca mazzantini: multitasking + preadolescence
StefanoRomagna: IMG_3745-2
ziskucciola: Villa Ada - Rome
ziskucciola: L'attesa - Waiting
StefanoRomagna: American sunset