Christine ️: Autumn at Graves Island
Christine ️: Hübsche Blumen für Dich ✨
Christine ️: Virginia Creeper Macro
Christine ️: Evening Sun Going Down
Christine ️: Flowering Maple or Chinese Lanterns
Christine ️: Ancient Rocks & The Sea
Christine ️: Beach Meadows Beach
Christine ️: Flowers Delight 💫
Christine ️: Sunset in Liverpool, NS
Christine ️: Wild Rosehips
Christine ️: Little Peep, Sanderling
Christine ️: If there is a will ...
Christine ️: Evening Darkness
Christine ️: Thank you 'Little' Meadow Beach, Hope we get together again soon 😘
Christine ️: Beautiful Apples, Yet to Be Picked,
Christine ️: Sun Gently Peering Behind the Clouds
Christine ️: Absorbing the Benefits of Hirtles Waves
Christine ️: Gazebo in Brooklyn, Nova Scotia
Christine ️: More Puffs *Yellow Hawkweed" gone to seed
Christine ️: Lovely and Serene Lily Pond
Christine ️: Sun Going Down
Christine ️: Kite Surfing
Christine ️: Tricoloured Bumble Bee
Christine ️: Tandem or Double Kayaking
Christine ️: Hawkweed Puffs aka Seeds, and Wild Rosehips
Christine ️: Hitching a Ride at Dusk, Zoom
Christine ️: American Black Duck, Sipping Oceanic Water
Christine ️: Moored Sailboat in the Fog
Christine ️: Moored Yellow Boat
Christine ️: Eine Biene Für Bienchen