liam.jon_d: spinifex and stone - 0382
liam.jon_d: of stones near and far
liam.jon_d: pretty point - 4466
liam.jon_d: on the alligator loop
liam.jon_d: the terraces - 3912
liam.jon_d: by this river
liam.jon_d: ‘i am afraid that your position is no longer tenable, mr. blondin‘
liam.jon_d: the moon boy
liam.jon_d: we are all memories
liam.jon_d: that inland sea
liam.jon_d: she (ocean)
liam.jon_d: in the land of the spirits
liam.jon_d: and at the very beginning of the world
liam.jon_d: all the things you said (one bright morning)
liam.jon_d: our thoughts? our thoughts are with you
liam.jon_d: the river at sunset
liam.jon_d: the white whale [ mono ]
liam.jon_d: incandescent
liam.jon_d: witness
liam.jon_d: the pool of bethesda
liam.jon_d: stone on stone
liam.jon_d: all this useless beauty
liam.jon_d: the white whale
liam.jon_d: moonah
liam.jon_d: at day’s end
liam.jon_d: hunger
liam.jon_d: ingalalla
liam.jon_d: the wild
liam.jon_d: stone world
liam.jon_d: the eye