leo.roos: Building in Bokehistan
leo.roos: Chair and table
leo.roos: Symbol of the past
leo.roos: Growth and decay
leo.roos: Life and death
leo.roos: Resistance is futile
leo.roos: Shadow descending
leo.roos: Dokje van Perry, Vlissingen
leo.roos: Rain gauge
leo.roos: Building a new home
leo.roos: Crucible 57
leo.roos: Light and shadow
leo.roos: Rusty flowers
leo.roos: Rusty nail
leo.roos: Arrows
leo.roos: Welcome to our village
leo.roos: One way (recent archaeological find, Via Appia, Rome to Brindisi, 312–264 BC)
leo.roos: Unwelcoming
leo.roos: Loom
leo.roos: Warm and cool
leo.roos: Tarnished text
leo.roos: Blade
leo.roos: The door is ajar
leo.roos: Panorama from the back seat
leo.roos: What's cooking baby?
leo.roos: Strange goings on in the back seat
leo.roos: Blinded
leo.roos: Dead row
leo.roos: Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust
leo.roos: It grabs you