leo.roos: Lonely wheel
leo.roos: Double double doors
leo.roos: Reflections
leo.roos: ZEP Middelburg advertising column
leo.roos: Vriendschap in a bottle
leo.roos: Chair and table
leo.roos: Shadow on the wall
leo.roos: Cloister
leo.roos: Modern Middelburg
leo.roos: Commemorating the laying of the foundation stone in 1761
leo.roos: While my guitar
leo.roos: Abbey square
leo.roos: Streets of Middelburg
leo.roos: Crow-stepped gable
leo.roos: Window through the doorway
leo.roos: Cloister
leo.roos: Latch
leo.roos: Column
leo.roos: Ende
leo.roos: Baptismal font
leo.roos: Shutters
leo.roos: Wall art
leo.roos: Bike rack crashers
leo.roos: The restaurant
leo.roos: Through the hole, lightly
leo.roos: Encounters of the third kind
leo.roos: Boels Rental