leo.roos: Going round the bend
leo.roos: Seaside Café De Punt is here
leo.roos: The making of ... Dutch mountains
leo.roos: NEX-6 + Enna München Color-Ennit 20/2.8
leo.roos: Photavit II (1938) with Meyer Primotar 4,2cm F2.8
leo.roos: a7 with E Rokkor 75/4.5 (enlarger lens)
leo.roos: F64, 7 inch W.A. RECTr R & J Beck
leo.roos: 7 inch W.A. RECTr R & J Beck
leo.roos: Pepper
leo.roos: Glamour: a7 + MC Fish-Eye Rokkor 7.5/4
leo.roos: Glamour: a7 + Olympus OM 18/3.5
leo.roos: Glamour: a7 + Voigtlander Heliar 12/5.6
leo.roos: Autumn contrast
leo.roos: Tess 2
leo.roos: Tess
leo.roos: Pigeon in the rain
leo.roos: "It's raining dogs again"
leo.roos: Peony in the rain
leo.roos: Raindrops
leo.roos: Shine on crazy diamond
leo.roos: Nuts and bolts 3
leo.roos: Nuts and bolts
leo.roos: Nuts and bolts 2
leo.roos: Diagonal
leo.roos: Yellow leading to blue
leo.roos: No entry for red; yellow allowed
leo.roos: Emergency exit
leo.roos: Rectangle and diagonals
leo.roos: Blossom