leo.roos: Gone fishing
leo.roos: Green boomerang
leo.roos: Strange fruit
leo.roos: The reeds are singing
leo.roos: Halloween twins
leo.roos: Happy Halloween!
leo.roos: The cemetery gate
leo.roos: Cemetery symbolism
leo.roos: Demeter, goddess of harvest and agriculture
leo.roos: The cemetery gate
leo.roos: What goes up must come down
leo.roos: A pair of vases
leo.roos: Breskens
leo.roos: From Breskens to Flushing
leo.roos: After the extraction
leo.roos: The one that got away
leo.roos: Bad teeth
leo.roos: When the ship comes in
leo.roos: Park bench, early autumn
leo.roos: Who’s Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue
leo.roos: Bicycle parking
leo.roos: Bicycle parking _ 2
leo.roos: Bicycle parking _ 3
leo.roos: Catch the donut
leo.roos: Bench
leo.roos: Objects in mirror are closer than they appear
leo.roos: Mirrors
leo.roos: Mirror
leo.roos: Ring, ring
leo.roos: Diagonals