leo.roos: OVET, sunkissed
leo.roos: and nobody came
leo.roos: K is for kolour
leo.roos: The lie of the land
leo.roos: De Vijf Gebroeders, 1851, Heinkenszand
leo.roos: Falling shadows
leo.roos: Maelstrom round a black hole
leo.roos: Ellewoutsdijk harbour
leo.roos: Power to the people
leo.roos: Dilapidated wall
leo.roos: Pseudo double doors
leo.roos: My single yellow line
leo.roos: Sitting girl
leo.roos: You can't miss it
leo.roos: Shifted layers
leo.roos: Golden hour at the farm
leo.roos: Ellewoutsdijk village news
leo.roos: The girl in the window
leo.roos: Hoogspanning
leo.roos: Ellewoutsdijk harbour
leo.roos: a7rii + Meyer Tele Megor 1:5.5 f = 25cm (Exakta; 1941)
leo.roos: Communication
leo.roos: Communication
leo.roos: 3D wall
leo.roos: Wasted words of wisdom
leo.roos: Living among letters
leo.roos: Mounting Ennagon 230/3.5 for infinity
leo.roos: Multi Coated
leo.roos: Lithagon meets Ennagon