leo.roos: Rotterdam is laying an egg
leo.roos: Rotterdam is laying an egg
leo.roos: Perforated mirror
leo.roos: Ouch my legs, Henk Visch, 1995
leo.roos: Red ball
leo.roos: Kunsthal
leo.roos: Great sense of direction
leo.roos: Gerrit Johannes de Jongh 1845 - 1917
leo.roos: The perforated photographer
leo.roos: Chabot museum
leo.roos: Td5 Bthere
leo.roos: Warm colours and coke
leo.roos: Crime scene
leo.roos: No day for the great outdoors
leo.roos: The eye of the whale
leo.roos: A villa in the palm of a hand
leo.roos: I have mixed drinks about feelings
leo.roos: Maassluis Central Station
leo.roos: Have a seat
leo.roos: Bygone technology
leo.roos: Listening to the guide
leo.roos: Colourful staircase
leo.roos: Spiral staircase
leo.roos: Spiral staircase _ 2
leo.roos: Going up the Van Nelle stairs
leo.roos: Composition in black white and yellow
leo.roos: Van Nelle stairways from heaven
leo.roos: Van de weduwe
leo.roos: Tabak 3
leo.roos: Me and Van Nelle