leo.roos: Contact
leo.roos: The woman in the window
leo.roos: Faceless
leo.roos: Still life with fungi
leo.roos: Sign of the season
leo.roos: Shaggy mane
leo.roos: Very wild fungus
leo.roos: The morphology of fungi _ 2
leo.roos: The morphology of fungi
leo.roos: Collared earthstar
leo.roos: Rusty
leo.roos: The beginning
leo.roos: Rolled fencing
leo.roos: Agaricus urinascens
leo.roos: Agaricus urinascens
leo.roos: Autumn 2019
leo.roos: Welta Gucki + Jos. Schneider & Co. Kreuznach Xenon f:2 F = 4,5cm D.R.P. (1931)
leo.roos: Queen Wilhelmina's silver jubilee bench (1923)
leo.roos: Old nuts
leo.roos: Vero Moda
leo.roos: Horizontal and vertical relationships
leo.roos: Chairs
leo.roos: Force of nature
leo.roos: Dirty watergate
leo.roos: Bicycle rack