leo.roos: Fence by night
leo.roos: Going down the dike
leo.roos: Ellewoutsdijk harbour by night, fog and full moon
leo.roos: Red flashing buoy on the Scheldt
leo.roos: Trees in fog
leo.roos: Rokkor files
leo.roos: The bubble factory
leo.roos: The night has a thousand eyes
leo.roos: Oval moon
leo.roos: The pianist
leo.roos: Bubbly _ 2
leo.roos: Handrail
leo.roos: Bubbly
leo.roos: Benches back to back
leo.roos: Silver divide
leo.roos: Silver divide _ 2
leo.roos: NI EU WS
leo.roos: Public transport
leo.roos: Bokeh steps
leo.roos: Bokeh steps _ 2
leo.roos: Vintage wheels
leo.roos: Vintage headlight
leo.roos: The Hague - Beijing Challenge 2012
leo.roos: Scenes from the bathroom
leo.roos: At the 50mm lens shop
leo.roos: Harley
leo.roos: Following the news
leo.roos: Dipper
leo.roos: Voigtlander Macro Apo Lanthar 125/2.5 (A-mount)
leo.roos: Minolta Autocord