leo.roos: Under the bridge
leo.roos: Farø Bridge
leo.roos: I got your number
leo.roos: Down on the forest floor
leo.roos: Going down the hill
leo.roos: Mythical moment
leo.roos: Danish folders
leo.roos: Light house
leo.roos: The gate is open
leo.roos: Møns Klint
leo.roos: Møn farming
leo.roos: Stege street
leo.roos: Windows
leo.roos: Doors
leo.roos: Mural
leo.roos: Urban composition
leo.roos: The art of camping
leo.roos: Sømarkedyssen dolmen
leo.roos: The sky is the limit
leo.roos: 20 past noon
leo.roos: Elmelunde church, frescoes
leo.roos: Elmelunde church, organ and frescoes
leo.roos: Elmelunde church, interior
leo.roos: Triptych
leo.roos: Colourful courtyard
leo.roos: Pillory for smokers
leo.roos: Hovs Hallar
leo.roos: Barking tree
leo.roos: Last toilets before the lighthouse
leo.roos: Koppla hunden här