leo.roos: Westland Abendstimmung
leo.roos: Curvy architecture
leo.roos: Creative with polystyrene
leo.roos: Daar slaan
leo.roos: Dying leaves
leo.roos: Helicopters
leo.roos: You'll always be my
leo.roos: light and shadow _ 6
leo.roos: Leica M3 + 7Artisans DJ-Optical 50/1.1 (M-mount)
leo.roos: light and shadow _ 5
leo.roos: X1000r/min
leo.roos: Steel and glass colliding
leo.roos: Through the Looking-Glass
leo.roos: Reflection
leo.roos: The lonely smoker in her private universe
leo.roos: Kiss + Ride 5 mins max
leo.roos: Let's play
leo.roos: Winter skies
leo.roos: Portrait gallery _ 2
leo.roos: Portrait gallery _ 3
leo.roos: Portrait gallery
leo.roos: Orion 15 28_6 F22
leo.roos: Orion 15 28_6 F16
leo.roos: Orion 15 28_6 F8
leo.roos: Orion 15 28_6 F6
leo.roos: Your mouth is open
leo.roos: Graffiti with a smile
leo.roos: Girls contre-jour
leo.roos: 13th Century graffiti
leo.roos: Structures and textures