leo.roos: Dead trees, intertwined
leo.roos: Birch foot
leo.roos: Constrained
leo.roos: Buds of March
leo.roos: Burnt mushroom
leo.roos: Wooden gate
leo.roos: Future proof
leo.roos: Duotone
leo.roos: The future is red
leo.roos: The future is warm
leo.roos: The future is orange
leo.roos: Echo
leo.roos: Watershed
leo.roos: Dead
leo.roos: Westland landscape
leo.roos: Ihagee Roll Paff Reflex 21 with Ihagee Anastigmat Trioplan 1:6.8 F = 9cm (1925)
leo.roos: Interesting find in Leo's thrift store
leo.roos: Leaf and shadow
leo.roos: Leaf
leo.roos: Parallel lines
leo.roos: Blossom
leo.roos: Cow parsley
leo.roos: Fallen
leo.roos: Bench
leo.roos: Bench _ 2
leo.roos: Love, did you clean my reading glasses?
leo.roos: Quick scan
leo.roos: Erotic literature
leo.roos: Light painting
leo.roos: Spring (in the garden centre)