leo.roos: Bench
leo.roos: Blue 47
leo.roos: Night Visions
leo.roos: Sweet edge optic
leo.roos: Softboxes
leo.roos: Multiple distortion
leo.roos: Fallen lady
leo.roos: Grass
leo.roos: At the farm
leo.roos: Queen Crimson
leo.roos: Sheltered candles
leo.roos: Molti colori
leo.roos: Duos
leo.roos: Lady in blue
leo.roos: Brody
leo.roos: Monitor is blue
leo.roos: Yellow coated
leo.roos: Blue vs Red
leo.roos: Wheels
leo.roos: Keep out!
leo.roos: On the bridge
leo.roos: Spiral, vertical and diagonal
leo.roos: Grass
leo.roos: Escalator junction
leo.roos: Cutting it
leo.roos: Green cross