Lellegh: February light
Lellegh: November light
Lellegh: A touch of frost
Lellegh: That, my dear kitten, is a dog, NOT an alien! Well, alright, it DOES look a bit scary!
Lellegh: No, I really don’t feel like swimming today! Let’s go home and have a snack!
Lellegh: One for the family album
Lellegh: Cold, but sunny!
Lellegh: La Barceloneta Saturday
Lellegh: Winter landscape with dog
Lellegh: Sheltered
Lellegh: So, you’ve finally managed to get us some ice! Now get me a double Scotch—on the rocks!
Lellegh: Slow business at the mall
Lellegh: Slow business at the mall, b&w version
Lellegh: The blue hour
Lellegh: Oh, darn! Yet another day without swimming!
Lellegh: The loneliness of the long distance skater
Lellegh: The art of enjoying a snack
Lellegh: The rush to music
Lellegh: City life at a January noon, 60°N
Lellegh: Non-Violence
Lellegh: The enchanted swamp
Lellegh: A touch of winter
Lellegh: Time for a snack
Lellegh: December morning light
Lellegh: Foggy, but sunny, morning
Lellegh: Hey, come on, sun’s up!
Lellegh: Not so plain November
Lellegh: The illuminated
Lellegh: The challenge
Lellegh: Cloud-filtered November light