LeftyJames: TGIFs
LeftyJames: “The stonemason does all the work”
LeftyJames: I’m never going to take enough photos…
LeftyJames: Putting mah butt on ur stuff
LeftyJames: “If I’m gonna get to Heaven…
LeftyJames: Flativity
LeftyJames: Third Rate Romance
LeftyJames: “I have lost a hero, I have lost a friend”
LeftyJames: Happy Thanksgiving 2023!
LeftyJames: Hard Rock
LeftyJames: And the mural of the story is:
LeftyJames: “Don’t you know that I’m an irrepressible optimist…
LeftyJames: I turn to stone when you are gone
LeftyJames: Trying to make an impression on the world
LeftyJames: Have lap will travel
LeftyJames: When you’re almost legally blind
LeftyJames: “I am never anywhere…
LeftyJames: Old flame
LeftyJames: “I’ll pretend…
LeftyJames: “Wishin’ you…
LeftyJames: “But I’m trying to forget about it”
LeftyJames: “Tellin’ myself...
LeftyJames: “I’m trying to be cool about it”
LeftyJames: 135th
LeftyJames: ZIP Code
LeftyJames: Island Girl
LeftyJames: “I’m evicted”
LeftyJames: Angels in Disarray
LeftyJames: The heartbreak is the liberation