LDMcCleary: Yellowlegs- Greater and Lesser
LDMcCleary: Sunrise on a Foggy Morning
LDMcCleary: Sunset at Matagorda
LDMcCleary: Matagorda Beach
LDMcCleary: Circles and Lines
LDMcCleary: Black Vultures on Roost
LDMcCleary: Pelican Lunch
LDMcCleary: Oil Rigs in Port Aransas
LDMcCleary: Gulls in a Line on Aransas Bay
LDMcCleary: Windmill Against November Sky
LDMcCleary: Urban Ranch Wine
LDMcCleary: Somewhere in the Davis Mountains of West Texas
LDMcCleary: McDonald Observatory
LDMcCleary: Organ Mountains- Clouds and Shadows
LDMcCleary: Desert Silhouettes at Sunset
LDMcCleary: Time Tunnel to 1906?
LDMcCleary: Storefront in Palomas
LDMcCleary: Pancho Villa Attacks!
LDMcCleary: Hiking in Spring Canyon
LDMcCleary: Golden Hour in Florida Mountains
LDMcCleary: Florida Mountains Illuminated by Setting Sun
LDMcCleary: Snow Geese Inbound for Landing
LDMcCleary: The Sentinel- Sandhill Cranes
LDMcCleary: Clouds over Manzano Mountains
LDMcCleary: Gran Quivara Ruins on a Foggy Day
LDMcCleary: Sunlight and Shadows on Manzano Mountains
LDMcCleary: Desert View Watchtower
LDMcCleary: Wildfire!
LDMcCleary: Hay Field on a Foggy Morning
LDMcCleary: Barn and Corral in Valle Grande