LDMcCleary: Rufous Hummingbird
LDMcCleary: Goldfinch Pair
LDMcCleary: Sunset over Florida Mountains
LDMcCleary: Tracks in Gypsum Sand
LDMcCleary: Got Daisys? New Camera, Vintage Lens
LDMcCleary: A Waterfall in Nevada? Really?
LDMcCleary: Sunset Thunderstorm over Sangre de Cristo Mountains
LDMcCleary: Iris in Monet's Garden
LDMcCleary: Towering Cumulus behind Chimney Rock
LDMcCleary: May Day Columbine
LDMcCleary: It Isn't Always Foggy in Bass Harbor, Maine!
LDMcCleary: Thurston's Lobster Pound
LDMcCleary: Fog in Bass Harbor
LDMcCleary: Ghost Town Window
LDMcCleary: Cholla Demon Waiting for You with Open Arms!
LDMcCleary: Yellow Tulips
LDMcCleary: The somewhat Pink Moon of 2020
LDMcCleary: New Wall, Old Fence
LDMcCleary: Crazy Sky at Sunset
LDMcCleary: Anza Borrego Desert after Rain
LDMcCleary: The Most Unfriendly Teddy Bear Cholla Ever!
LDMcCleary: Sunset at Palm Canyon
LDMcCleary: Saugaro and Organ Pipe Cactus
LDMcCleary: Pyrrhuloxia at Patagonia Lake
LDMcCleary: Old Downtown Yuma
LDMcCleary: Melting Icicles
LDMcCleary: Winter Sunset over Pedernal
LDMcCleary: Yucca in White Sands National Park
LDMcCleary: Cemetery with a Heavenly View
LDMcCleary: Capturing the Last Bit of Sunlight in Plaza Blanca