lasgalletas: a sun loungers and winter p.1
lasgalletas: a sun loungers and winter p.2
lasgalletas: an apple & some snow
lasgalletas: a gloomy karaoke
lasgalletas: a cityscape
lasgalletas: a staircase & snow
lasgalletas: an eternal fire at Victory Park
lasgalletas: a some moon & winter magic delivered right to my window
lasgalletas: an illumined staircase in the dark
lasgalletas: a tunnel // pedestrian bridge without pedestrians
lasgalletas: late evening at a railway station // Moscow, Russia
lasgalletas: watching a train goes by // Moscow, Russia
lasgalletas: an evening meals // hot dogs, donuts and something steamy in the dark of Moscow winter
lasgalletas: an evening at Moscow's Victory Park
lasgalletas: An urban noire // winter evening at Moscow's Park Pobedy
lasgalletas: Life is like a chain of colored fairy lights in a dark room
lasgalletas: Straight from a roaring twenties!
lasgalletas: Amberd castle
lasgalletas: Sevanavank
lasgalletas: Amberd castle
lasgalletas: Tsitsernakaberd
lasgalletas: A great place for laundry
lasgalletas: A road from Noravank, Armenia 🇦🇲
lasgalletas: Sevanavank
lasgalletas: Sevan Lake in November
lasgalletas: Desires
lasgalletas: a something colorful
lasgalletas: Gentleman
lasgalletas: Yard-keeper
lasgalletas: before sunset