lgflickr1: Bald Eagle
lgflickr1: Chipboard in Westwood
lgflickr1: Sail Boat and Gulls
lgflickr1: Raptor
lgflickr1: Men at Work in Hoi An
lgflickr1: Daily Walk
lgflickr1: Water on glass
lgflickr1: Smoke Plume 3x3
lgflickr1: The joy of hanging out
lgflickr1: flamingo
lgflickr1: Blue Bottle
lgflickr1: Simple Smoke Circle
lgflickr1: Sea Foam
lgflickr1: Golden Piranhas
lgflickr1: Totem Smoke
lgflickr1: Happy Frog
lgflickr1: Seagull in flight
lgflickr1: School Boy
lgflickr1: Smoke Wheel
lgflickr1: Smoke signals
lgflickr1: Meal time with Maggie
lgflickr1: Another sailboat on the horizon
lgflickr1: Pelican in flight 2
lgflickr1: A bit obsessed .... this one with a bit more care.
lgflickr1: Incense Sticks in a Bottle
lgflickr1: Brown Bear in Denali 2
lgflickr1: Pelican taking flight
lgflickr1: Distant Sail Boat Silhouette
lgflickr1: Sam Portrait
lgflickr1: Charlotte at the Griffith Park Carousel