Largeguy1: Flower pot 1
Largeguy1: Purple Rose 3
Largeguy1: Purple Rose
Largeguy1: Purple Rose 2
Largeguy1: Red and Purple Flowers
Largeguy1: A deer and glass cutting tools
Largeguy1: Summer afternoon in Cobleskill
Largeguy1: Summer in Cobleskill, NY
Largeguy1: Camping in the Adirondacks.
Largeguy1: Chimney Rock 2
Largeguy1: Valentine's Day Flowers 2
Largeguy1: Wildflowers of Llano, Tx
Largeguy1: Purple Flowers 1
Largeguy1: Sedona, AZ 64
Largeguy1: Waterton Lakes National Park 5A
Largeguy1: butterflies 5
Largeguy1: Red Orange Bird
Largeguy1: butterflies 4
Largeguy1: butterfly 3
Largeguy1: butterflies
Largeguy1: Countryside in Ireland
Largeguy1: Purple Flowers
Largeguy1: unusual cloud formation
Largeguy1: Red Flower
Largeguy1: Hinton, AB Duck 2
Largeguy1: Banff National Park 19 A
Largeguy1: Many Glacier Park 25
Largeguy1: Glacier National Park 29
Largeguy1: Glacier National Park 5
Largeguy1: Glacier National Park 36