ossicles: Yellow green leaf
ossicles: Post rain huddle
ossicles: Flowers
ossicles: Albuquerque rainbow
ossicles: Look at me!
ossicles: Flying objects (aka photobomb)
ossicles: Rainy Sandias 8_2019
ossicles: Normal weekday in Albuquerque
ossicles: Paseo del Norte + rain
ossicles: Moonshot
ossicles: double rainbow
ossicles: Albuquerque Sunset 02
ossicles: Albuquerque Sunset 01
ossicles: river people
ossicles: river moss
ossicles: Sandia Mountains at dawn
ossicles: hidden creek
ossicles: Lazy river bend
ossicles: Moon on Thursday
ossicles: reflejos dos
ossicles: reflejos
ossicles: Water on the Bosque
ossicles: Water under the bridge
ossicles: Morning reflections
ossicles: Full moon over ABQ mono 2019
ossicles: They are always there...
ossicles: Morning through the window
ossicles: Squiggles
ossicles: Tree on the edge of many
ossicles: Under the bridge - Monochrome