Norbert Lefevre: # Explore ... 5 ... # Escargot de Bourgogne (Helix pomatia)
prokopatti: Icelandic winter waterfall
Jean-Paul Margnac: Vintage Ektachrome. January 1999. Villages of France. Le Café Suisse à Veules-les-Roses (Normandie).
Joachim Aspenlaub Blattboldt: Epiphanias MMXXIV
Joachim Aspenlaub Blattboldt: art of a spider | oculi Sunday MMXXIV
Küstenknipser: Etwas Farbe im Motiv ........
Norbert Lefevre: Martin pêcheur d'Europe " femelle " ( Alcedo atthis - Common kingfisher )
Peyton Carter: Early Fall in the Blue Ridge
Jean-Luc Drouin: Vignoble vaudois
mystero233: Good morning
sherrihendricks98: "You're gonna give me that right?" "Not a chance."
MRI2009: Escapade cycliste
@Duet: spinose structures
blackcatcraft: Queens Park Panorama_1
Norbert Lefevre: # Explore ... 7 ... # Sittelle torchepot ( Sitta europaea - Eurasian nuthatch )
The Jolly Photographer: 1940's Re-enactment in a poppy field. Dover
Man_of Steel: Intense game of Faro ( not to be confused with Fado…)
Man_of Steel: CHICAGO...from Lake Point Towers 53rd floor
Man_of Steel: OK-Everyone…. Let’s Review !
Man_of Steel: Goblin & Grocer- a super cool Brunch + Dinner + Special Event Venue on Dunes Highway in Beverly Shores Indiana.
Man_of Steel: Chicago’s West-Side Manufacturing District has some Mighty Fine Alleys
Man_of Steel: In case you didn’t get the notice, Lisboa is NOT flat… AT ALL
Man_of Steel: Judith Kramer = Painter + Artist (& my Momma) in her Studio
Norbert Lefevre: le Moro-sphinx
nouki29: auray , bretagne