justL1209: This egret didn't know what to make of these strange creatures which seem to have invaded his habitat, McKee Gardens,which is also an historical site. The beautiful glass art was created by the renowned artist, Hans Godo Frabel.
justL1209: In the darkest part of the forest my friend's spirit shines most brightly. Lauren Benson
justL1209: Display of glass art by Hans Godo Frabel in the Hall of Giants.
justL1209: L is clowning around, and doing some reflecting! Have a great weekend everyone!
justL1209: We are not alone....
justL1209: Happy Leap Day
justL1209: Natural Beauty
justL1209: Happy Mother's Day
justL1209: Winter berries
justL1209: Yellow
justL1209: Embracing Peace
justL1209: Happy Valentine's Day
justL1209: Shadow Dancer
justL1209: In The Beginning
justL1209: In the End
justL1209: Inner World Outer World by Seward Johnson
justL1209: Reflecting Pond
justL1209: It's That Time of the Year...
justL1209: Let it Snow
justL1209: Tunnel of Lights
justL1209: Cat Nap by Seward Johnson
justL1209: Quetzalcoatlus
justL1209: The Water Lily
justL1209: Happy Father's Day
justL1209: Selfie 😉
justL1209: In the Hall of Giants
justL1209: Twice as Nice!
justL1209: The Praying Mantis
justL1209: Autumn in the Tropics