justL1209: Green Tea
justL1209: Bunny Buffet
justL1209: Windows and Balconies
justL1209: Fennel Vision
justL1209: Step into Quaintness
justL1209: Bench, Bike and Fisherman at Dawn
justL1209: Faux Fall
justL1209: Looking Up
justL1209: That Kind of a Day
justL1209: Step into the Past
justL1209: Slugfest
justL1209: The Fence is Leaving ;-)
justL1209: Lesson in the Garden
justL1209: The Many Greens of Nature
justL1209: Dragon Wings
justL1209: Reflecting on Campus
justL1209: Foraging for Dinner
justL1209: The Illusion of Autumn
justL1209: Tree on the Path
justL1209: Night Light
justL1209: Early morning at the Jetty
justL1209: Sometimes It Seems Neverending
justL1209: Matteo's Whiskers
justL1209: Sunrise Silhouettes
justL1209: Heron on the Rocks
justL1209: The Fence Around the Pond
justL1209: Green by the Sea
justL1209: Gooood Morning!!!
justL1209: On the Edge
justL1209: Spreading Love from Limb to Limb