justL1209: "Put on your red shoes, and dance the blues." David Bowie
justL1209: Tick Tock *Happy Caturday*
justL1209: Thank you for your support!
justL1209: Highway to Heaven
justL1209: The Path of Beach Existence
justL1209: Between the Trees
justL1209: Facial Profile
justL1209: Partly Sunny
justL1209: Happy Anniversary to My Husband ❤️
justL1209: Gold Dots
justL1209: Uprooted
justL1209: Magic Garden Butterfly Bench
justL1209: Benches and Fences Happy Bench Monday and Happy Fence Friday!
justL1209: Sunny Sunday Morning
justL1209: Sail Away
justL1209: 🎵It's a New Day, It's a New Dawn, And They're Feeling Good🎶
justL1209: Ha-ha-ha! Happy Caturday!
justL1209: Snowy Egret
justL1209: White Picket Fence & The Yellow Flower
justL1209: Ocean's Revenge
justL1209: Silent Reverie
justL1209: Between A Rock and....
justL1209: Fishing by Dawn's Early Light
justL1209: Rays
justL1209: Rise Up
justL1209: Sunrise Silhouettes
justL1209: I rEgret Not Having My "Real" Camera Yesterday Morning.
justL1209: Glorious Morning
justL1209: Puddle Reflections
justL1209: Striped Condensation