labradoodledoo: Kodak Moments?
labradoodledoo: Zugspitze
labradoodledoo: Max Portrait
labradoodledoo: What have you got up there?
labradoodledoo: Magic in the woods
labradoodledoo: Autumn Leaves
labradoodledoo: Marseille
labradoodledoo: Orange rocks
labradoodledoo: Magnificent Colors
labradoodledoo: Late afternoon in Tintagel
labradoodledoo: Just one more ...
labradoodledoo: Downpatrick Head and Dun Briste
labradoodledoo: Cliffs and water
labradoodledoo: watching out
labradoodledoo: Ireland ... yet again
labradoodledoo: Shake it off
labradoodledoo: A little ways down the road... [explored]
labradoodledoo: Beautiful Ireland
labradoodledoo: If you go along the coast, you never go wrong [explored]
labradoodledoo: Max portrait
labradoodledoo: High Five
labradoodledoo: I'm "all ears"
labradoodledoo: Keep on sniffing
labradoodledoo: Turf drying in Ireland
labradoodledoo: mischief accomplished
labradoodledoo: foggy foggy