grzegorz_63: _MG_2305_Pbw
Florian Grundstein: a perfect morning
7ordek: Pinned
Edgardo W. Olivera: Dubai Creek, Dubai, EAU
A Great Capture: Sir Isaac Brock Bridge
prsavagec: October Butterfly
dono heneman: Le Cap d'agde
Vest der ute: "The laundry house", Skudeneshavn - Norway
R.Smrekar-CH: River view to Chicago City - Illinois - USA
der_peste: Autumnal Fence Story
--StadtKind--: Orange Fenced Friday (HFF)
Peter Vicent: Por donde la mires...
Roman Popelar: Llangattock Escarpment, Wales
Jay Daley: Southern Lights
A_M_J: 15/52 - FAR AWAY
R.Smrekar-CH: Chicago Air And Water Show 2017 - Blue Angels in Action - Illinois - USA
Teresa M L: Fairground
A Great Capture: Light At The End Of The Storm
multifaceted_m: Don't worry..
Ragazza.11: You and me...
R.Smrekar-CH: Boat Trip on the Lake Michigan - Chicago - Illinois - USA
suttonedward242: Weather effect on the Sun.
Anthony P26: Restitution
Vest der ute: Djupadalen, Norway
AlbertMu7: Dramatic sunset seaside, hamnoy. Lofoten, north norway
A Great Capture: Convocation Hall
dono heneman: The air vent