Krister462: Ormhilleren by night
Krister462: Stones
Krister462: The green
Krister462: Coast
Krister462: Islet
Krister462: I am here
Krister462: Arc de triomphe de l'Étoile
Krister462: Fall
Krister462: Morning
Krister462: Going
Krister462: Skjerjehamn
Krister462: Oppstrynsvatnet
Krister462: Road trip
Krister462: Waterfall view
Krister462: Turns
Krister462: Videsæter
Krister462: Innvikfjorden
Krister462: Geiranger
Krister462: Skerry
Krister462: Power
Krister462: Skjervsfossen
Krister462: Tea Garden
Krister462: The start
Krister462: Still a classic
Krister462: Good morning San Francisco
Krister462: Still sailing
Krister462: Hardingasete
Krister462: Lovatnet
Krister462: Loen
Krister462: Knutholmen