krillmerma: Consumed by sunset
krillmerma: Happy Chinese New Year - prosperity and good fortune
krillmerma: Smoky Sunset in Oz Port Elliot
krillmerma: Merry Christmas 2019
krillmerma: Christmus Hippopotamus
krillmerma: Gingerbread Kremlin - Intercontinental Hotel Shenzhen
krillmerma: Ginger bread on steroids - Intercontinental Hotel Shenzhen
krillmerma: Approaching the cloud tops of Neptune
krillmerma: All you need is... grapes? wine? LOVE.
krillmerma: Wind power Vs coal power
krillmerma: What better use for solar and wind power?
krillmerma: WInd power 2
krillmerma: Poppy - crazy symmetry
krillmerma: Poppy - quadratic pentagram
krillmerma: Pink poppy
krillmerma: Pumpkin
krillmerma: Trick or treat
krillmerma: Happy Halloween / Samhain 2019 from Oz
krillmerma: Spring in Port Elliot - wInd poppies
krillmerma: Spring in Port Elliot - yellow flag Iris
krillmerma: Spring in Port Elliot - bearded blue Iris
krillmerma: I hate it when the weeds are pretty - ready for a daisy chain.
krillmerma: Wattle - hay fever balls
krillmerma: First poppy of spring
krillmerma: Wattle tree
krillmerma: The flower in the vase smiles, but no longer laughs.
krillmerma: Imari figure
krillmerma: Australian native hibiscus
krillmerma: Freesias and fence
krillmerma: Spring time