krillmerma: Resting with the Roses
krillmerma: Dozing with the Dahlias
krillmerma: In bed with the Irises
krillmerma: Blue sky and breakers
krillmerma: Tiny little acorns make tiny little oak trees
krillmerma: late blooms of autumn
krillmerma: Fruits from the garden of earthly delights
krillmerma: Patiently waiting
krillmerma: Happy Dog
krillmerma: Lunch in the shade
krillmerma: Happy Easter have a joyous celebration with family.
krillmerma: Giant pumpkins even made the dog smile
krillmerma: When Zebras drop by
krillmerma: Sentinels and the moon
krillmerma: Chinese New Year of the Dragon
krillmerma: Dragon Steel and Leather what all Vikings require
krillmerma: Making Merry
krillmerma: Discussing tactics
krillmerma: Turbulence
krillmerma: Memories of southern storms
krillmerma: Follow me to crystal shores
krillmerma: Last Leaf
krillmerma: The feast of the Monarchs
krillmerma: Monarch caterpillar
krillmerma: View to the Moon door
krillmerma: Sanctuary from concrete and glass
krillmerma: Ready to run
krillmerma: A view from Darling Harbour Sydney
krillmerma: The season of sunsets
krillmerma: Light is not just a painter but a sculptor also