krillmerma: Southern Hemisphere Halloween is too far away
krillmerma: Double rainbow in the garden of earthly delights
krillmerma: Arwem guarding freshlty picked pumpkins
krillmerma: Sunset tree silhouettes
krillmerma: Sunset spectacular
krillmerma: Sunset like a Ukranian flag - explored Feb 19 2023
krillmerma: Sunset in complementary colours
krillmerma: Sunset flames
krillmerma: late sunset
krillmerma: Lapis Lazuli sunset
krillmerma: Petrel Cove - beach for risk takers
krillmerma: Petrel Cove South Australia - Southern Ocean
krillmerma: Seek vastness at every opportunity
krillmerma: Good Fortune for Lunar New Year 2023
krillmerma: Pulp Fiction for bees - this is the real gourmet s#@%
krillmerma: Agapanthus - third generation hand me downs
krillmerma: In the garden of earthly delights
krillmerma: Tree love
krillmerma: Sunflower helix and bee
krillmerma: Sunflower - converting sunlight to beauty
krillmerma: Bee Landing pads
krillmerma: Olympus mons of a fractal world
krillmerma: The old dog and the sea.
krillmerma: An unusual Christmas Gift - a fallen tree to sit on and contemplate life.
krillmerma: Christmas Gingerbread 2022
krillmerma: Seasons Greetings 2022
krillmerma: CHristmas Cake 2022
krillmerma: View to the Bluff seascape
krillmerma: Wiped clean by southern swells
krillmerma: The nose that knows