krillmerma: black-shouldered lapwing (Vanellus novaehollandiae)
krillmerma: Well camouflaged eggs - 21 days to go
krillmerma: Do not approach - I am watching ..... closely
krillmerma: mid winter daffodils around the rocks
krillmerma: First camelia for winter
krillmerma: Whale watching in 2020
krillmerma: The whole beach to themselves
krillmerma: Ode to Banksy - Girl with Balloon
krillmerma: seagull on the wing
krillmerma: Horseshoe Bay
krillmerma: queen of the night
krillmerma: Gazing upon blue veils that shroud God
krillmerma: Winter waves
krillmerma: Autumn is more the season of the soul than of nature.
krillmerma: Southern breakers Port Elliot
krillmerma: Social distancing. So do you hang out here often?
krillmerma: Red parrot
krillmerma: Extreme social distancing for a covid age
krillmerma: Linus' pumpkins
krillmerma: Pink Super Moon over Goolwa
krillmerma: Goolwa just before moon rise
krillmerma: Snake Catcher - not an occupation suitable for selfies
krillmerma: View to Murray Mouth v2
krillmerma: Saturnian Sunset on Titan v2
krillmerma: Keeping the triceratops off the front lawn.
krillmerma: When you squeeze them, they let out a little wine.
krillmerma: Consumed by sunset
krillmerma: Happy Chinese New Year - prosperity and good fortune
krillmerma: Smoky Sunset in Oz Port Elliot
krillmerma: Merry Christmas 2019