kpo840: A Late Autumn Morning
kpo840: Sun Rise
kpo840: Shine in Deep Blue Sky
kpo840: Weekday Evening
kpo840: Sun Rise
kpo840: Morning Glow
kpo840: After sunset
kpo840: Way to Home
kpo840: On the roadside deepening in autumn
kpo840: Calls on the train are NG in Japan. - What is embarrassing for him as an adult with a lot of life experience is that he is taking off his mask and talking for a long time in the priority seat of the weak in the current situation. -
kpo840: Saturday Morning
kpo840: A Weekday Morning
kpo840: One weekend morning
kpo840: Waiting for his favorite train
kpo840: Way to Home
kpo840: In the light
kpo840: In the early winter morning sun
kpo840: Excellent property with intensifying competition
kpo840: Let me lie down until dusk
kpo840: One late autumn morning
kpo840: In the morning oblique light
kpo840: In the oblique light
kpo840: Light shining through the clouds
kpo840: Morning Glow
kpo840: Bridge over the sunset sky
kpo840: Take a break before falling
kpo840: On the way to home
kpo840: A Side Street
kpo840: Street corner at sunset
kpo840: Before Dawn