konstantinosm28: Serenity
konstantinosm28: Time flies
konstantinosm28: Keep it simple
konstantinosm28: Daily dose of sunset pictures
konstantinosm28: Hidden among the trees
konstantinosm28: Up against the wall
konstantinosm28: Enlightenment
konstantinosm28: Preparing for winter
konstantinosm28: Dancing together
konstantinosm28: Autumn reflections
konstantinosm28: Mountain view
konstantinosm28: Lighthouse
konstantinosm28: Παρεκκλήσι Αγίων Πάντων // Church of all Saints
konstantinosm28: Facing west
konstantinosm28: Thin fog
konstantinosm28: Dam(n), that's a nice view
konstantinosm28: Moody morning
konstantinosm28: Standing still
konstantinosm28: Insignificance
konstantinosm28: Yet another ruins capture
konstantinosm28: Vivid London
konstantinosm28: Warm sunset
konstantinosm28: Lonely house
konstantinosm28: Blurry lights
konstantinosm28: Clouds on fire
konstantinosm28: Natural painting