konstantinosm28: Daffodils
konstantinosm28: Puddle castle
konstantinosm28: Strange shapes
konstantinosm28: At the top
konstantinosm28: Fighting against the passage of time
konstantinosm28: Busy roads
konstantinosm28: Throwback to a daytrip at London
konstantinosm28: Warm sunsets during winter
konstantinosm28: Please feel free to support my work!
konstantinosm28: The calm before the storm
konstantinosm28: View from the balcony
konstantinosm28: Spring signs!
konstantinosm28: Juxtaposition
konstantinosm28: Coming to life
konstantinosm28: Throwback to those summer days
konstantinosm28: Village view
konstantinosm28: Early spring
konstantinosm28: Motorway Timelapse
konstantinosm28: Spring in the middle of winter
konstantinosm28: Reflections
konstantinosm28: Turn those dials
konstantinosm28: 'Till next year!
konstantinosm28: Abandoned airplane (5B CGC)
konstantinosm28: Happy new year!
konstantinosm28: Colourful facade
konstantinosm28: Enjoying the view
konstantinosm28: Merry Christmas
konstantinosm28: Travelling
konstantinosm28: Beauty in the moment