ian_taylor_photography: Blonde Kid with Black Cat, Xpan
ian_taylor_photography: twins learn the moves
ian_taylor_photography: My Great Grandfather's Camera
ian_taylor_photography: Calcutta, M9, VC 35/2.5
ian_taylor_photography: Sisters w Umbrella
ian_taylor_photography: Sandbanks Provincial Park
ian_taylor_photography: Ross Barn, Wellington, ON
ian_taylor_photography: High Park, Toronto
ian_taylor_photography: Pork Leg on Rice, Bangkok
ian_taylor_photography: Me at Gros Morne, Newfoundland
ian_taylor_photography: Novice Monks at a Forest Temple
ian_taylor_photography: Snail Hunting
ian_taylor_photography: Lightweight Strobe Kit @ 1.1 kgs
ian_taylor_photography: Sibs in the Treehouse
ian_taylor_photography: Thai Surfer Dude, Koh Phayam
ian_taylor_photography: Street Barber (B&W)
ian_taylor_photography: Novice Monks Playing Around
ian_taylor_photography: Street Typist, Calcutta
ian_taylor_photography: Man on the Street, Rajasthan
ian_taylor_photography: Door, Calcutta
ian_taylor_photography: Street Barber, Calcutta