melaniestorl: There’s always a reason to smile.
melaniestorl: Happy weekend 😀
melaniestorl: Do what makes your soul shine.
melaniestorl: Das schöne braucht das Trübe. -Monika Mindner-
melaniestorl: Live a life you will remember
melaniestorl: Take a deep breath...(explore)
melaniestorl: Ho ho ho... we have a silent night.
melaniestorl: sometimes you have to take a closer look to discover the wonder.
melaniestorl: Some people are worth melting for.
melaniestorl: Freedom is a state of mind.
melaniestorl: Let us find magic in all the little things in life.
melaniestorl: ...and I fell for you like raindrops ...(explore)
melaniestorl: Keep searching for the colors when everything turns gray. -Christy Ann Martine-
Tomás Hornos: Shadow
pauldunn52: Gone away from me
granmadunn: Mr Frog Sits And Watches
dl1ydn: The tulip ... very close in front of me
Jutta Achrainer: Eiskristalle
Herman Roes: P1020565_Fl
Pommesgabel 1: Auf der Drehscheibe
duran6687: It has just started to snow
honiigsonne: Große kleine Sommer Erinnerung
U. Zierke: Alt und Marode